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Promoting harmony with animals

What we do

Animals in Mind works to promote and fund projects that solve behaviour issues and relieve suffering for animals.
We provide leaflets for pet owners on some of the more common issues that affect animals living alongside people.
We operate a small sanctuary where we give a life long home to a few animals that weren't able to be rehomed.
We also support and help to fund other projects that work with a other animal welfare issues.
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Behaviour problems

In our busy lives, many people suffer from stress and anxiety, which also affects the animals that share our space.
With a little thought and knowledge, many of the common issues can be overcome and resolved.
There is no need for any domination, punishment or coercion, we only advocate gentle techniques.
The key to any behaviour change is to understand the issue and find a way to shape it into something acceptable.
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Treating animals humanely

It can be a challenge to change many perceptions about our interaction with animals, but it can be done.
We have to begin by understanding that pets and domestic animals are completely under our control.
We have the power to abuse that control, or we can try to understand their needs, and treat them humanely.
In the past, humans have assumed they are entitled to be abusive, that assumption needs to change.